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How Can Gratitude Help My Company?

Good question!  Gratitude is the gateway to happiness and positivity.  Increased optimism and positivity in employees has been proven to increase employee engagement and committment. 

Our Gratifshift Corporate program is focused on helping your team develop a mindset of gratitude every day.  The habits and processes we teach will help engage your employees in such a way that will improve all aspects of their life, including their career.

If a business were to remove the people from the business, it no longer is a business. It would be empty buildings and the business would crumble. Employee engagement and helping employees find purpose to their job is at the base of every great company.

Are you investing in the overall well-being of your employee?

If not, you're not getting everything out of your employee that you should.

Studies show that happier employees are more successful employees.

They produce at higher levels, are more efficient, and are more engaged while at work. They care more deeply about their performance in their company than unhappy employees. The question remains, how do I increase my employees' happiness levels?

All research points towards gratitude as the key principle of happiness.

In Gratishift Corporate, your employees will spend 30 days experiencing gratitude on three different levels. During the first week of their 30-day experience, they will be asked to answer questions about seven key areas of life to determine how the view reality. Do they view life through a lens of lack and scarcity or through a lens abundance and opportunity? By seeing their need for gratitude in their life, they will then engage in moving through the three levels of gratitude for the rest of their 30-day experience. 

Those who practice gratitude on the just the first level of gratitude (thinking thankfulness) showed increased levels of happiness between 2-4%. Those who engaged on the second and third levels of gratitude showed increased levels of happiness between 4-19%. Can you imagine what Gratishift can do to the culture of your company, the engagement in your teams, and the bottom line to your revenues?

Contact us today to find out more about how Gratitude can shift your team's mindset and productivity.


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