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Education that matters.

Why Elevated Youth?

Technology and organizational needs are changing faster than educational policy can adapt - creating a gap in the skills our students need in the emerging economy. Today’s youth need something different, now, to thrive in the world of

More importantly, we understand the need for community and the influence of peers in our early years. We believe every youth needs to engage with other individuals dedicated to positive change and positive impact.

Elevated Youth aims to cultivate future leaders, stronger families, and a platform for the next generation.

What is Elevated Youth?

Elevated Youth programs are designed to facilitate the mental and emotional development of tomorrow’s leaders, today.

In collaboration with educational experts, young influencers, and every-day students, Elevated Youth provides learning experiences to supplement traditional education. Our students are introduced to a national network of peers pursuing
positive and constructive change. Together, they learn to seek clarity, see opportunity, and set meaningful goals. This creates a culture of positive relationships, positive mindsets, and positive results.

Get started today with YouthShift!

YouthShift is designed as an introduction to foster self-awareness, personal responsibility, and accountability. Through the medium of social media, students learn how to craft their story, plan their future, and design effective goal-driven statements. YouthShift creates a “self-educational” environment where students learn to utilize information and wisdom from business owners, athletes, and other successful individuals online and apply it to their own dreams and objectives. This social-friendly environment is great for 21 st century students and highly intensive to satisfy parents as an educational curriculum. (Best taken during summer months) (Ages 15-23)